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Buying a property in Chalkidiki: a complete guide

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Thinking of investing in real estate in Chalkidiki? You're not alone!

Many people are fascinated by Chalkidiki's Mediterranean beauty and dream of owning a picturesque villa or a comfortable apartment there.

Does it make sense, though? Are property prices increasing in Chalkidiki? What is the current trend? Is it more profitable to buy in Kassandra or Sithonia? Are there any secret taxes? What rental yields should I expect?

We've solved it for you.

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How is the real estate market in Chalkidiki?

Are property values increasing or decreasing? Let's check the latest data and statistics.

Types of properties

In Chalkidiki, you can find various types of properties for sale.

These include charming beachfront villas with stunning sea views, cozy apartments in bustling towns, serene countryside houses surrounded by nature, and plots of land for those interested in building their own dream homes.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing retreat, a vibrant urban space, or a blank canvas to create, Chalkidiki offers a diverse range of properties to suit different preferences and lifestyles.

What's better: buy or rent?

(If you want to live there yourself and not rent it to others)

Whether you've already made Chalkidiki your home or are contemplating it for the future, you might be considering whether to buy or rent a property in this beautiful Greek peninsula.

Generally, buying is a better choice than renting in Chalkidiki due to its numerous benefits, including a high potential for capital gains and increased control over the property.

That said, renting provides the advantage of flexibility for those who want it.

Property pricing in Chalkidiki

On average, according to the updated data from Bank of Greece, purchasing a property in Chalkidiki would cost you around $5,200 per square meter.

There are big differences, obviously. The value of a square meter for a property in Chalkidiki might differ from an apartment in Thessaloniki. We actually offer a more in-depth analysis in our pack for buying property in Chalkidiki and in Greece.

To put things in perspective, it means that, instead of buying an apartment in Paris or London, you can afford 3 properties in Chalkidiki.

Also, housing prices in Chalkidiki are 31% cheaper than in the Greek Islands.

The most expensive places in Chalkidiki are probably Kassandra and Sithonia, while the cheapest are likely the more rural areas in the peninsula.

Chalkidiki Property Price per Square Meter


First and foremost, we have to acknowledge that Greece offers, today, peace and stability to investors. The last Fragile State Index that has been reported for this place is 55.8.

Don't ignore this when considering the pros and cons of buying a property in Chalkidiki.

On the longer term, the growth will still be there since Greece's economy is expected to soar by 8.1% in the coming 5 years, resulting in an average GDP growth rate of 1.6%.

If you want to invest in real estate in Chalkidiki it's a good thing because a positive growth rate (usually) leads to higher incomes for citizens, enabling them to invest in real estate, which boosts demand and prices for properties.

Also, in Greece, the average GDP per capita has changed by 8.2% over the last 5 years. It's a satisfactory number.

These are positive signals showing that property prices in Chalkidiki might increase in 2024 and during the coming years.

Looking for more updated data? We've done a big-picture study to find out if it's a good idea to purchase property in Greece right now.

Buying property in Chalkidiki

Buying real estate in Chalkidiki can be difficult, as obtaining reliable and up-to-date information is often the most challenging part of the process. That's why we have created the pack to buy property in Chalkidiki and in Greece.

Buying process

In our pack, we've explained the entire buying process in detail. We've provided clear information about prices and yields based on the area, guidance on negotiating the price, and options for securing a mortgage.

Now, we're offering you a simpler version, step-by-step, to make it easier for you to grasp.

This is the step-by-step process to purchase a property in Chalkidiki:

  1. Research the Chalkidiki property market, focusing on areas like Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos.
  2. Secure financing or open a Greek bank account.
  3. Engage a local real estate agent familiar with Chalkidiki regulations.
  4. View potential properties and consider their proximity to beaches and tourist spots.
  5. Conduct a property inspection to assess its condition and legality.
  6. Make an offer and negotiate the price, keeping in mind the transfer tax (3.09% - 3.6%) and notary fees.
  7. Sign a preliminary agreement ("Protokollima") and deposit 10% of the property price.
  8. Hire a lawyer to conduct due diligence and ensure all documents are in order, such as the "E9" certificate verifying legality.
  9. Sign the final contract ("Simvolaio") before a notary public, and transfer the remaining payment to the seller.
  10. Pay the property transfer tax and register the sale at the local Land Registry ("Ypothikofilakeio").
  11. Obtain a Greek tax number (AFM) and open a Greek bank account for future expenses.
  12. Get the property title in your name, officially becoming a property owner in Chalkidiki.

Also, if you're not from the country, you might want to check our article on how to buy property as a foreigner in Greece.

Make a profitable investment in Chalkidiki

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Where to find a property

Explore these websites to find properties in Chalkidiki.

  • Golden Home - A real estate company with a vast portfolio of over 50,000 properties for sale and rent in Greece.
  • Spitogatos - A real estate platform in Greece, offering properties for sale and rent. They have a wide selection of homes, commercial properties, and land plots available.
  • Spiti24 - The leading Greek property listings platform, offering a user-friendly interface, advanced search options, and connections to real estate experts.
  • Grekodom - Offering a wide range of properties in popular Greek locations and providing expert support throughout the purchase process.
  • Tospitimou - Tospitimou is a top property portal in Greece, exclusively listing properties by real estate agents with over 600,000 listings.

Also, know that we have included contacts of real estate agencies, property lawyers, moving companies, expats communities and more in our pack for buying property in Greece.

What you could get

As mentioned before, the average price per sqm in Chalkidiki is $5,200. A 1-bedroom property with an area of 60 square meters would cost approximately $312,000, and a 2-bedroom property with an area of 85 square meters would cost approximately $442,000.

However, the cost of properties will fluctuate depending on both their characteristics and their location.

Premium locations in Chalkidiki usually come with higher property values. A condominium in Kassandra might cost you around $600,000, while a house in Sithonia could be priced at $910,000.

Some spots will be friendlier to your wallet. You may find a property in Nea Moudania for $240,000, or a property in a remote area priced only at $200,000.

We give more details about property types and areas in our full pack for buying property in Greece.

Common mistakes

Here are the main pitfalls when buying property in Chalkidiki, Greece:

  • Land borders: Verify land boundaries as property disputes are common.
  • Forest restrictions: Some areas may have strict regulations due to forest protection laws.
  • Archaeological zones: Properties near ancient sites may face development restrictions.
  • Tourist season impact: Consider income variability during the off-season for vacation rental properties.
  • Foreign ownership restrictions: Non-EU citizens may face limitations on certain property types.
  • Building permits: Ensure compliance with Greek regulations and obtain necessary permits.
  • Seismic activity: Assess earthquake risks, especially in fault-prone areas.
  • Olive trees: Protect olive tree groves, as they may be part of the cultural heritage and face preservation rules.

We don't want this to happen to you, so we have included a full checklist for your property investment in our pack of documents. Avoid these mistakes and save a lot of money.

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Living in Chalkidiki

Living in Chalkidiki is a great experience, with its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and picturesque scenery, it is an ideal place to purchase a property.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Chalkidiki is generally lower than in other parts of Greece. Groceries, housing, and other expenses are more affordable than in some larger cities.

Here are some examples to better understand the cost of living in Chalkidiki:

  • One-bedroom apartment rent per month: €400-€600.
  • Basic dinner for two at a mid-range restaurant: €30-€50.
  • Monthly public transportation pass: €40-€50.
  • 1 liter of milk: €1.20-€1.50.
  • Local beer (0.5L) at a bar: €3.50-€5.
  • Utilities (electricity, heating, cooling) for an 85m² apartment: €100-€150.
  • Gym membership per month: €40-€60.
  • Movie ticket: €7-€9.


Since we want to make things easy to understand, we've made a table that shows the different parts of Chalkidiki. For yields, prices and rents, check our property pack.

Place Description Strengths Weaknesses

1. Kassandra

Kassandra is known for its stunning beaches and vibrant tourist activity, making it a prime location for vacation rental properties.

High demand for short-term rentals, beautiful coastal scenery, and active nightlife.

High competition among property investors, seasonal fluctuations in rental income.

2. Sithonia

Sithonia offers a more tranquil and unspoiled environment, attracting nature lovers and those seeking a peaceful retreat.

Untouched natural beauty, potential for eco-tourism investments, and growing interest from international buyers.

Limited amenities and infrastructure compared to Kassandra, fewer tourists during the off-season.

3. Athos Peninsula

Athos Peninsula is a unique area with a monastic community and strict development regulations, which can appeal to niche property investors.

Exclusive and secluded properties, preserved cultural heritage, and potential for spiritual tourism investments.

Restricted property development, limited accessibility to some areas, and adherence to special zoning rules.

4. Polygyros

Polygyros is the capital of Chalkidiki and a bustling administrative center, offering investment opportunities in commercial and residential properties.

Steady demand for rental properties, diverse business prospects, and proximity to other parts of Chalkidiki.

Less attractive for tourists, limited coastal property options.

5. Nikiti

Nikiti is a charming coastal town with traditional architecture and a growing popularity among tourists, making it suitable for holiday rentals and residential investments.

Quaint atmosphere, proximity to beautiful beaches, and a mix of historical and modern properties.

Seasonal tourism fluctuations, limited room for large-scale developments.

6. Neos Marmaras

Neos Marmaras is a lively resort town with a marina and numerous amenities, attracting property investors interested in the hospitality sector.

Booming tourist activity, well-developed infrastructure, and potential for waterside accommodations.

High property prices, competitive market, and heavy tourist presence in the peak season.

7. Ouranoupoli

Ouranoupoli serves as the gateway to Mount Athos, presenting opportunities for property investors seeking spiritual or adventure tourism ventures.

Pilgrimage tourism potential, unique location, and demand for accommodations from visitors to Mount Athos.

Restricted property development, limited target audience, and seasonal tourism patterns.

Life in Chalkidiki

Chalkidiki is an economically prosperous region of Greece, with a strong focus on tourism and agriculture. It is home to many luxury resorts, and businesses in the region benefit from the influx of tourists each year.

What expats usually like the most in Chalkidiki is the stunning beaches and clear waters, as well as the traditional villages and local cuisine.

Access to healthcare in Chalkidiki is generally good, with several hospitals and clinics located in the area.

Don't lose money on your property in Chalkidiki

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Renting out in Chalkidiki

If your intention is to buy a property not for personal use, but to rent it out and create income, then this section is for you.


According to the data reported by Wikipedia, the home ownership rate in Greece is 73%, which is average.

When people buy in Chalkidiki it's usually to live there, and not to rent out.

If you decide to rent out long-term, you might want to target people looking for a summer holiday destination or retirees who want to spend their golden years in a peaceful area. Chalkidiki is ideal for both, with its beautiful beaches, picturesque villages, and great climate.

Here is a little summary table we've made for you.

Property type and area Profiles of potential tenants What they are looking for Expected monthly rent in $

Apartment in Kassandra

Tourists and beach lovers

Proximity to beaches and nightlife

$800 - $1200

Villa in Sithonia

Families and nature enthusiasts

Near beaches and outdoor activities

$1200 - $1800

Studio in Polygyros

Students and professionals

Close to town center and amenities

$500 - $800

House in Nea Moudania

Families and retirees

Quiet neighborhood and local services

$900 - $1400

Apartment in Athos

Pilgrims and spiritual seekers

Proximity to monastic sites

$700 - $1000

Cottage in Ouranoupoli

Retreat goers and families

Tranquil setting and beach access

$1000 - $1500

Apartment in Nikiti

Couples and young professionals

Near the beach and modern conveniences

$600 - $1000

Now, you will probably ask us about the yields. Unlike for other places, it would be difficult to give you the average rental yields in Chalkidiki due to insufficient long-term rental properties available for analysis. Also, it's quite diverse. For example, rental yields in Kassandra and Sithonia are quite different from those in lesser-known areas.

Finally, know that, in Greece, the taxes will be around 22% of the total rental income.


You could also decide to rent short-term to tourists visiting Chalkidiki for its beautiful beaches and picturesque villages. Additionally, you could target visitors looking for a relaxing holiday away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you decide to go with that option, look for properties in the Kassandra peninsula, specifically in the areas of Kallithea and Hanioti, which are popular tourist destinations and offer a wide range of amenities. Additionally, the Sithonia peninsula has many attractive beaches and villages, such as Neos Marmaras and Sarti, which are also great options for short-term rental investments.

There are approximately 970 active Airbnb listings in Chalkidiki, reflecting a dynamic short-term rental market. The average daily rate stands around $110, which is quite high.

You have the opportunity to generate a nice additional income stream then. Based on feedback from online testimonials and data analytics platforms such as AirDNA, Guesty, and Inside Airbnb, people who offer short-term rentals in Chalkidiki can make around $1400 per month. Also, the average occupancy rate is estimated at 62%.

Is it worth buying real estate in Chalkidiki then?

Buying property in Chalkidiki can be a fantastic idea for those seeking a slice of Mediterranean paradise. It's an attractive prospect if you're looking for a permanent residence or an investment opportunity.

Chalkidiki offers a range of property types, from beachfront villas to cozy countryside houses, catering to diverse preferences. The relatively lower property prices compared to major European cities make it a compelling choice. Greece's economic growth forecasts also indicate the potential for property value appreciation in the coming years.

However, it's not for everyone. If you're a non-EU citizen, you'll face restrictions on certain property types, and property disputes related to land borders and strict regulations in some areas can pose challenges.

It's crucial to consider your goals, whether you intend to live in the property or rent it out, and your awareness of local regulations. While Chalkidiki's property market offers great potential, it's essential to do thorough research and understand the risks associated with buying real estate in this stunning Greek peninsula.

If you're willing to navigate these factors and embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle, Chalkidiki can be a rewarding investment opportunity.

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