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Best areas to buy and invest in property in Durrës

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The question of 'the best neighborhood to buy a property in Durrës' does not have a one-size-fits-all answer.

Some of you are buying to live there, while others want to make the best investment possible. Individual preferences and circumstances matter.

That’s why the article below is covering every intent.

At Investropa, when we write a blog post or when we update our our property pack for Albania, we want to bring solutions and cover different aims in a clear and organized way.

Enjoy the read, and please remember that we are not financial or investment experts. This article is for informational purposes only.

To improve the readability and user-friendliness of this article, we will categorize neighborhoods in Durrës into various groups, including budget-friendly options, emerging hotspots, and areas with high rental demand, among others. Consequently, some neighborhoods may appear in multiple categories and be mentioned several times throughout the article.

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buying property in Durrës

How is the real estate market in Durrës?

The real estate market in Durrës, Albania, is experiencing remarkable growth, attracting significant interest, particularly from foreign investors.

This coastal city has several unique strengths contributing to its allure.

Firstly, Durrës boasts a rich historical heritage that is unparalleled, highlighted by the Durrës Amphitheatre, one of the largest and most significant Roman amphitheaters in the Balkan region.

This ancient structure, along with the city's other historical sites, imbues Durrës with a unique character that is hard to find elsewhere.

The blend of history and modernity in Durrës creates a captivating atmosphere, which is a significant draw for potential property buyers.

Another major strength of Durrës is its strategic location. Situated on the Adriatic coast, the city offers beautiful beaches and waterfront properties that are highly desirable.

It's not just the scenic beauty but also the city's proximity to the capital, Tirana, and its status as a major port that makes it a hub for commerce and tourism. This strategic positioning contributes to the city's dynamic real estate market.

Speaking of dynamics, one data point that illustrates this is the steady increase in property prices over recent years. This trend signifies a growing demand and a robust market, making real estate in Durrës a sound investment.

Now, when it comes to the properties themselves, there's something quite distinctive about them. Many properties in Durrës, especially those close to the historical sites or the waterfront, blend modern amenities with traditional Albanian architectural elements.

This fusion creates living spaces that are not just luxurious but also steeped in cultural richness, something that is quite specific to this city.

The buyers in Durrës's real estate market are diverse. You'll find local families looking to enjoy the city's lifestyle, business professionals drawn by the economic opportunities, and, notably, a growing number of foreigners.

The international interest is fueled by the city's unique blend of historical charm, modern development, and the promise of a Mediterranean lifestyle at relatively affordable prices compared to other European coastal cities.

Looking ahead, the future value appreciation of properties in Durrës seems promising. The city's ongoing development, including improvements in infrastructure and tourism facilities, will likely continue to boost its attractiveness.

The blend of cultural heritage, strategic economic growth, and lifestyle offerings positions Durrës as a city where real estate is not just about the present benefits but also about future potential.

Top neighborhoods in Durrës to consider for living

Areas in Durrës that are budget-friendly

If you're looking to buy property in Durrës on a budget, there are a few neighborhoods you might want to consider.

Here is a summary table. Below, we will give more details.

Neighborhood Average Price per Sqm Property Types Resident Demographics Strengths Weaknesses
Shkozet €600 Apartments, Houses Middle-class families, individuals Potential growth, affordability Lack of amenities, distance from center
Rrashbull €650 Houses, New Apartments Diverse population Peaceful, development potential Limited urban facilities, transportation
Sukth €700 New Apartments, Houses Young professionals, families Modern housing, growth potential Ongoing construction, limited amenities


This neighborhood is known for its affordability mainly due to its distance from the city center and less developed infrastructure.

However, property values in Shkozet might rise in the coming years due to ongoing development projects and improved connectivity to the city.

The area predominantly features apartments and some houses, with an average price per square meter around €600. It's mainly inhabited by middle-class families and individuals seeking affordable living options.

Strengths include the potential for growth and lower property prices, while weaknesses involve its current lack of amenities and distance from central Durrës.


Rrashbull is budget-friendly due to its predominantly rural character and lesser demand compared to more central areas.

The potential for increase in property values lies in its gradual urbanization and proximity to the main city. Properties in Rrashbull are a mix of houses and newer apartment buildings in Rrashbull, with the average price per square meter hovering around €650.

The area is home to a diverse population, including local families and newcomers seeking a balance between city and rural life.

Its strengths are the peaceful environment and potential for development, whereas the weaknesses include limited urban facilities and public transportation options.


Sukth offers affordable property options primarily because it's still developing as a residential area.

The prices are expected to rise as it becomes more integrated with the urban expansion of Durrës. The area mostly has new apartment complexes and some houses in Sukth, with an average price per square meter of about €700.

It attracts a mix of young professionals and families looking for newer, yet affordable, housing.

Strengths of Sukth include its modern housing options and potential for future growth, while weaknesses involve its ongoing construction activities and limited current amenities.

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Areas in Durrës that are popular and upscale

When looking to buy property in Durrës, two neighborhoods stand out as upscale and popular choices. These neighborhoods each have their unique character and draw different types of residents.

Neighborhood Average Price/sqm Resident Profile Strengths Weaknesses Future Outlook
Beach Area €2,500 Affluent individuals, families Beachfront views, amenities Overcrowding, high cost of living Remains sought-after
City Center €2,200 Diverse, professionals, artists Cultural scene, infrastructure Traffic, limited parking Retains popularity

Beach Area

The Beach Area of Durrës is renowned for its luxurious ambiance.

Properties in Beach Area are expensive due to their prime location and ocean views. The area is dominated by high-end apartments and villas, with an average price per square meter around €2,500.

It's a hotspot for affluent individuals and families, offering both prestige and comfort. The strengths include stunning beachfront views, accessibility to the city's best amenities, and a high standard of living.

However, it's prone to overcrowding during tourist seasons, and the cost of living is quite high. It's expected to remain a sought-after location, maintaining its hype due to continuous development and its status symbol.

City Center

Durrës City Center is both a historical and commercial hub, making it a popular choice for property buyers.

The area is expensive, reflecting its urban convenience and historical charm. You'll find a mix of old and modern buildings in City Center, with the average price per square meter being around €2,200.

It's home to a diverse community, from business professionals to artists. The strengths are its vibrant cultural scene, proximity to major attractions, and excellent infrastructure.

The downside includes traffic congestion and limited parking spaces. The City Center is expected to retain its popularity, thanks to ongoing urban development and its evergreen appeal.

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Areas in Durrës that emerge as new hotspots

Let's explore these emerging neighborhoods in Durrës that, according to our local partners and our customers, are getting quite a bit of buzz lately.

Neighborhood Average Price/sqm Resident Profile Strengths Weaknesses Future Outlook
Beach Area €2,500 Affluent individuals, families Beachfront views, amenities Overcrowding, high cost of living Remains sought-after
City Center €2,200 Diverse, professionals, artists Cultural scene, infrastructure Traffic, limited parking Retains popularity
Hills Area €2,000 Wealthy, privacy-seeking individuals Serene, exclusive, views Less accessible, fewer amenities Popular among affluent

Old Town

Old Town in Durrës, initially a quiet and less-visited area, has recently gained popularity.

It's becoming a trendy spot for its historical charm and gradual modernization. The area has a mix of renovated traditional houses and new developments, with prices slightly lower than the city's more established areas, averaging around €1,800 per sqm.

It's attracting a blend of young professionals and culture enthusiasts, drawn by its unique combination of history and modernity. Its strengths include a rich cultural heritage and a growing array of cafes and shops.

However, it still lacks some modern amenities. Prices are expected to rise as it continues to develop, potentially becoming a new cultural hub.

Marina District

The Marina District, once a nondescript part of the city, is rapidly evolving.

Its waterfront location is becoming increasingly desirable, and it's now seen as an upcoming hotspot. Property prices in Marina District are more affordable, around €1,700 per sqm, but are expected to increase.

It's popular among young families and boating enthusiasts, offering a blend of leisure and lifestyle. The strengths include beautiful water views and access to marina facilities.

However, the area is still under development, lacking some established services. Its popularity is likely to grow as further investments in infrastructure and amenities are made.

Suburban Villages

Suburban Villages around Durrës are emerging as attractive options for those seeking a balance between city life and nature.

Initially more rural and overlooked, these areas are now developing, with new residential projects and amenities. Prices in Suburban Villages are more affordable, averaging €1,500 per sqm, making them attractive for middle-income families and remote workers.

The appeal lies in the spacious properties, green surroundings, and growing community facilities. However, they are farther from the city center and have limited public transport options.

As these villages continue to develop, their popularity is expected to rise, offering a desirable lifestyle away from the urban hustle.

Make a profitable investment in Durrës

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