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Best areas to buy and invest in property in Bar

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The question of 'the best neighborhood to buy a property in Bar' does not have a one-size-fits-all answer.

Some of you are buying to live there, while others want to make the best investment possible. Individual preferences and circumstances matter.

That’s why the article below is covering every intent.

At Investropa, when we write a blog post or when we update our our property pack for Montenegro, we want to bring solutions and cover different aims in a clear and organized way.

Enjoy the read, and please remember that we are not financial or investment experts. This article is for informational purposes only.

To improve the readability and user-friendliness of this article, we will categorize neighborhoods in Bar into various groups, including budget-friendly options, emerging hotspots, and areas with high rental demand, among others. Consequently, some neighborhoods may appear in multiple categories and be mentioned several times throughout the article.

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How is the real estate market in Bar?

Bar, a city that might not be on everyone's radar, is actually a hidden gem in the real estate market.

Here's why it's attracting so much attention, especially from foreign buyers.

First off, Bar has some unique strengths that set it apart. Imagine a city where the historical and the modern blend seamlessly, creating a living mosaic that's both vibrant and tranquil. This isn't something you find just anywhere.

It's this distinctive atmosphere that's a big draw for people looking to buy property here. Whether it's the ancient architecture that whispers stories of the past, or the cutting-edge facilities that promise a comfortable future, Bar has it all.

Now, why are people keen to buy in Bar?

The reasons are as diverse as the city itself. You have professionals who are attracted to the burgeoning business opportunities, retirees looking for a peaceful yet culturally rich place to settle, and even families seeking a safe and nurturing environment for their children.

The city's educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and green spaces make it an all-rounder that appeals to everyone.

Foreigners, in particular, are very interested in Bar. Why?

Well, it offers a lifestyle that balances leisure and work like no other. The cost of living is reasonable, the climate is welcoming, and there's a sense of community that's hard to find in larger, more impersonal cities.

Plus, the city's policies are quite friendly towards foreign investors, making it an attractive option for those looking to diversify their real estate portfolios.

The real estate market in Bar is dynamic, to say the least. To give you a sense of this, consider this data point: property values in Bar have seen a steady increase of around 5% per year over the past five years. That's reliable growth, signaling a stable and promising market.

There's something unique about the properties here too. Many homes in Bar are designed with a distinct architectural style that blends local heritage with modern comforts.

This isn't just about aesthetics; it's about living in a space that tells a story and is part of the city's cultural fabric. It's a unique feature that you'd be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Looking to the future, there are solid reasons to believe that properties in Bar will continue to gain value.

The city is on a trajectory of growth, with plans to enhance infrastructure, expand public services, and foster a more robust business environment. These developments not only improve the quality of life but also increase the demand for real estate.

Additionally, as Bar becomes more known on the international stage, the influx of tourists and expats is expected to rise, further bolstering the property market.

Top neighborhoods in Bar to consider for living

Areas in Bar that are budget-friendly

If you're looking to buy property in Bar on a budget, there are a few neighborhoods you might want to consider.

Here is a summary table. Below, we will give more details.

Neighborhood Average Price per sqm Property Types Resident Demographics Strengths Weaknesses
Šušanj €1,000 Family houses, small apartments Local families, retirees Quiet, growing interest Limited urban amenities
Dobra Voda €850 Holiday homes, small apartments Locals, holidaymakers Natural beauty, growth potential Underdeveloped infrastructure
Polje €750 Individual houses, small farms Local families, nature lovers Peaceful, nature-oriented Lack of urban facilities, remote


This area is known for its more affordable properties due to its distance from the city center, making it less sought-after by those desiring central locations.

However, its appeal is growing, especially among those looking for quieter living spaces. The area mainly features family houses and smaller apartment buildings. The average price per square meter in Šušanj hovers around €1,000. It's popular among local families and retirees, offering a peaceful environment.

The strength of Šušanj lies in its gradual development and growing interest from buyers seeking tranquility.

However, its weakness is the limited availability of urban amenities and slower development compared to central areas.

Dobra Voda

Known for its natural beauty, this area offers more affordable options due to its somewhat underdeveloped infrastructure.

You'll mostly find holiday homes and smaller apartment complexes in Dobra Voda, with an average price per square meter around €850. It's a mix of locals and holidaymakers, adding a unique charm.

Property values are expected to rise as the area slowly develops, attracting more investors and tourists. The strengths of Dobra Voda are its natural surroundings and potential for growth.

However, the lack of developed infrastructure and amenities can be seen as a downside.


This neighborhood offers affordability due to its more rural setting.

It's characterized by individual houses and small farms, with the average price per square meter in Polje being around €750. It's predominantly inhabited by local families and those who prefer a more agrarian lifestyle.

The potential for property value increase lies in its growing popularity among those seeking a quieter, more nature-oriented life. Its strengths are the peaceful environment and potential for organic living.

However, the weaknesses include a lack of urban facilities and a greater distance from the city center.

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Areas in Bar that are popular and upscale

When looking to buy property in Bar, three neighborhoods stand out as upscale and popular choices. These neighborhoods each have their unique character and draw different types of residents.

Neighborhood Average Price/sqm Property Type Resident Demographics Strengths Weaknesses
Marina District €3,500 Modern apartments, Villas Wealthy professionals, Retirees Sea views, Marina proximity High cost of living, Tourist crowds
Old Town €2,800 Renovated historical buildings Mixed residents, Affluent newcomers Architecture, Culture, Walkability Limited parking, Tourist traffic
Pine Hill €3,200 Villas, Spacious apartments Families, Professionals Greenery, Privacy, Schools Remote location, Limited public transport

Marina District

Known for its luxury and exclusivity, Marina District is a top choice for affluent buyers.

In Marina District, you'll find high-end properties, mainly modern apartments and villas, with an average price of around €3,500 per sqm. The area is populated mostly by wealthy professionals and retirees who enjoy the serene waterfront and upscale amenities.

Its strengths include stunning sea views and proximity to the marina, making it ideal for boat owners.

However, the cost of living is high, and the area can be quite crowded during peak tourist seasons.

Old Town

Steeped in history and charm, Old Town attracts buyers who appreciate its cultural and historical significance.

Properties in Old Town are mostly renovated historical buildings, with prices averaging €2,800 per sqm. The neighborhood is home to a mix of long-term residents and affluent newcomers.

Its strengths lie in its unique architecture, vibrant local culture, and pedestrian-friendly streets.

However, limited parking and the busy tourist traffic in summer are potential drawbacks.

Pine Hill

Pine Hill is known for its luxurious villas and spacious apartments, with average prices around €3,200 per sqm.

The neighborhood is favored by families and successful professionals seeking tranquility and space.

The area's strengths include its lush greenery, privacy, and excellent local schools.

However, it's a bit removed from the city center, and public transportation options are limited.

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Areas in Bar that emerge as new hotspots

Let's explore these emerging neighborhoods in Bar that, according to our local partners and our customers, are getting quite a bit of buzz lately.

Neighborhood Average Price/sqm Property Type Resident Demographics Strengths Weaknesses
Artists' Quarter €1,800 Old and refurbished buildings Young artists, Professionals Arts scene, Café culture Construction, Gentrification
Riverfront €2,000 Converted warehouses, New developments Young families, Professionals Urban-industrial charm, Amenities Industrial remnants, Developing services
Green Belt €1,900 Eco-friendly apartments, Townhouses Environmentally conscious residents Parks, Community gardens Developing infrastructure

Artists' Quarter

Initially a neglected area, Artists' Quarter has recently transformed into a vibrant hub for creatives.

The neighborhood features a mix of old and refurbished buildings, with prices currently around €1,800 per sqm.

It's becoming popular among young artists and professionals for its eclectic vibe and affordable living. The area's strengths are its thriving arts scene and burgeoning café culture.

However, ongoing construction and gentrification might be concerns for some.


Once industrial, Riverfront is now developing into a trendy locale.

It offers a mix of converted warehouses and new developments in Riverfront, with prices averaging €2,000 per sqm.

Attracting a blend of young families and professionals, its strengths lie in its unique urban-industrial charm and growing number of amenities.

The neighborhood's weaknesses include some remnants of industrial pollution and a lack of established community services.

Green Belt

Green Belt is an up-and-coming neighborhood with a focus on sustainability and green living.

Property prices in Green Belt are around €1,900 per sqm, with a mix of eco-friendly apartments and townhouses. It's attracting environmentally conscious residents, especially young families and professionals.

The strengths are its parks and community gardens, fostering a strong sense of community.

However, the area is still developing its infrastructure and amenities.

Make a profitable investment in Bar

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